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Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had an amazing week! I’m playing work catch up today…shame on me! Yesterday, I ended up taking a long lunch with a new biz friend and I can’t wait to share what we are cooking up! I’ll share soon, promise! It’s Friday, did I say it’s FRIDAY…so, here’s another Where to Shop post. This week, I’m featuring my Favorite Shops for Home Decor at more affordable price points.

Today’s topic: Where to shop for more affordable home decor and why…

Last week, we focused on shopping for those high-end, special pieces. I am such a fan of all the shops I shared last week

Now that we’ve had our splurge, here’s where we can save a bit.

Today, we are switching gears to focus on some more budget-friendly options. We all have different budgets when it comes to furnishing our homes, and sometimes designer or bespoke brands are just out of our reach.

The shops I’m sharing today, are a good fit if you are looking for good quality with some custom options. You can still customize a lot of the furniture with fabric choices and the home decor is still nice enough that you won’t regret your purchase. These shops are more mass market and attainable, but they are not short on style or detail. They also have sales quite often, so there is a good opportunity to get a deal on something you love. I’ve purchased from all of these at one time or another for our home or for others.

I am a big fan of layered and collected spaces. In our home or when working with clients that is what I strive to create. Mixing high-end decor and furnishings with vintage or thrifted treasures can create a unique surrounding no matter how high or low of a budget you have.

I am a big proponent of shopping local and hunting for quality vintage pieces, but sometimes you come back empty-handed or can’t find exactly what you are looking for.  I also live in a region right now that is short on high-end decor shops and furnishings, so I do A LOT of sourcing online.

Whether you can only splurge on one great designer sofa and have to source the rest from big box retailers, it’s all about creating the right mix. You really do get what you pay for, unless you score an amazing vintage piece for cheap. I’m all about finding treasure, but I also appreciate a quality well-built new piece of furniture or decor.

Knowing where to splurge and where to save is something I’ve learned through trial and error in my own home. I’d rather save a couple of months to get that really fab mirror I love than try to find a cheaper version that I most likely will regret. Buy what you really love and it will always be stylish to you. When I started this approach in my home, it was a big game changer.  I have pieces from 10 years ago I still get asked about and love just as much today as the first day I bought them. This isn’t about being trendy, it’s about collecting what speaks to you. That is how you get a space that you will love for the long haul.

Whether it be a really great coffee table or pair of bookends, adding something a bit more artisan and polished to a space really takes it up a notch. You can tell the difference in the finishes and quality, so yes, it is worth the money.

Speaking of sales…NOW is the time to buy if you are in the market for home decor or furniture. The month of July is huge for savings in home stores. All the stores are marking down their stock to get ready for the fall collections. You can save up to 70% right now, so if you’ve been waiting to shop for your home get on that!

These are pretty much household names and you may know a lot of them already. A lot of these brands have evolved and changed it up over the years. Most started as catalog brands and now with our online world they’ve grown to be popular go-to’s and most have brick and mortar stores.

Here are my best favorite shops I frequent to find those special pieces. They are all online and have been great to purchase from. These shops all carry fabulous makers. You won’t be disappointed with their selections. Some are more decor and gift oriented and others offer everything you could possibly want for your home. You can score some barware and smaller decor items that won’t break the bank so don’t discount these shops if your budget is tighter.

10 Favorite Shops for Home Decor


This is such a good resource. They offer some staple pieces that I go back to again and again. They also have a great fabric selection for upholstery. I used them for our kitchen banquette and they offer Sunbrella fabrics for outdoor and utility pieces. Our banquette was one of the smartest buys for our kitchen makeover. The price point is more than fair and the fabric is so easy to wipe clean. Everyone that comes over thinks it is a custom-designed piece, which is quite a compliment to their quality!


They’ve been so on point with their decor. They are a bit more glam in their home decor approach, (which, hello, we love), and the furniture has some nice tailoring for the price point. I’ve used them a lot for decor accessories. I am actually considering a sofa purchase for an upcoming client project and have heard good things. I know if you love this blog, you will love this shop!


This megasite offers a WHOLE LOT. Everything for your home at all different price points. They offer higher end to discount pieces. Their site is very searchable which helps narrow down things when you are on the hunt for something specific.


This site has the same curated sale shop format as One Kings Lane. Its parent company is Wayfair so it falls in line with the same kind of decor and furnishing options. It’s a flash sale site, so the prices are pretty competitive and things usually don’t last long.


If you have a designer eye, this site might be a good place for you to hunt. They’ve partnered with designer brands like Scalamandre on exclusive offerings. They have quality furniture pieces and feature a diverse selection of styles. I also love their holiday and seasonal offerings. They are a favorite for patio pieces and I’m excited to see what the fall offerings will be for home. I am hearing some good buzz about the furniture collections.


Who doesn’t love spending some time browsing an Anthropologie?! I’ve always loved getting candles, books, and housewares from them. They have some beautiful furniture and lighting now that impresses that I want to see in person.


I’ve been pleased lately with their furniture options, especially their coffee and accent tables. I also really love their tabletop shop. Some really cute kitchenwares. Popular items sell fast I’ve noticed but they do tend to restock if something is a hot seller.


I think ‘ease and comfort’ when I think of C&B. Tonal and earthy furniture and a good place to buy if you don’t want the designer price tag. You still have options for upholstery and they have always offered really great service. My kids actually like going to their stores with us, which is so cute.


They have a global-inspired approach to home with bargain pricing. If your budget is tighter this a good place to look. I’ve been happy with the rugs and kitchenwares I’ve purchased from this shop. I have not bought furniture here except for my desk, but they have some budget-friendly pieces that might fit the bill if your wallet is a little on the lighter side.


Everyone knows PB, but here’s why I like them. Towels and linens and monogramming…the prices are so good! If my monogram lady is swamped, this is a good alternative that is very cost-effective. I also enjoy seeing their new furniture and decor collections each season. I know people who have been pleased with their furniture purchases from this store. I haven’t purchased furniture from them for my own home, but have used them for linens and accessories and smaller decor pieces. My husband loves this store, so if we have a den or family room to furnish soon, I have a feeling he will want to shop here.


One stop shopping for lighting, furniture, mirrors, rugs, and decor. This online source carries some of my favorite brands like Arteriors, Bungalow 5, Cyan, Taylor Burke Home, Times Two Design, and more.


Fantastic source for accessories, wall decor, lighting, furniture, pillows and rugs. Excellent selection of makers. They also have fun offerings for the littles too!


Fabulous brand selection for furniture, lighting, decor, bed and bath. You can also visit their sister site Layla Grace from their homepage and find even more!


Everything for your home from glam to modern to boho. An excellent rug selection and decor selection.


Such a fun shop for furnishings, gifts, and decor. Great makers and the barware shop is a favorite here. Offering a custom pillow studio with designer fabrics.


This sale site of curated shops is always worth checking out. Quality pieces and they are growing their vintage offerings. Definitely something for every taste and I always love shopping their site. Better be ready to buy because things can fly fast!


Unique finds for your home. I love their art selections and they have an awesome blue & white shop! A bit of an eclectic mix and it’s always changing.


Blogger Mandy Kellogg Rye has really knocked it out of the park with her online shop! Great offerings for tabletop, barware, gifts, and decor.


It’s no surprise that one of my all-time favorite magazines has an equally amazing online shop. Anything and everything for your home, for you, and even for your kids.


Yes, another sale site, but they keep the focus on designer goods. You can find some really great decor pieces here and get a bit of savings too so it is worth checking out.

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Those are my best decor shops online. You’ll find pieces that will mix nicely with your splurge purchases. These shops are also doing a good job looking to vintage inspiration, so your hunted finds can play nicely with their offerings. It’s all about the mix, right?

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