DIY Wallpapered Doors

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Hi there! Today, I’m sharing the details on our DIY Wallpapered Doors for our closet that we just shared in our bedroom makeover.

This side of our bedroom is pretty bland, so I wanted it to have a moment. That Van Gogh inspired wallpaper  from Walls Republic was just the ticket! It’s chic and really reads like a piece of art or mural when applied to the doors.

Truth be told, I usually hire out for wallpaper jobs. If I am going to wallpaper an entire room, let’s just say I know my patience threshold (wink, wink!). On smaller jobs, like our closet doors and panels, I usually feel okay taking matters into my own hands. These doors were a very easy project to tackle. I would commit to a weekend for your time only because of the dry time and needing to have weight on the corners and edges while the wallpaper paste dries.

When we redid our closet, we had to get new doors. We opted for flat bifold doors knowing I wanted to try my hand at wallpapering them.

I chose this Almond Blossoms wallcovering (R2788) from Walls Republic. I only needed one roll and had extra to spare.

For this DIY, I used…

*I found all my wallpaper supplies at Lowes.

I honestly could bore you with photos of me MEASURING and CUTTING and PASTING the wallpaper to the doors, but honestly, it is pretty darn self-explanatory. You guys are pretty smart cookies. I will just give you some notes here to make sure you get a nice smooth installation and precise corners and edges.

My tips…

1. My doors were not installed yet, so I worked on them in our basement. I did one side of the bifold doors at a time. This really was a benefit to me and I would recommend taking them down if yours are already up.

2. To ensure a good grip on edges and corners I made sure the back edge of my paper and door received a smooth and even application of the paste. You will roll on paste on the entire surface, but make sure your corners and edges get a good smooth coat.

3. You will want to have weight applied to your edges and corners while the paste dries, so I opted for heavy coffee table books. I had 2 sets of bifold doors so I did one side at a time. Then, I let them adhere overnight and then flipped them over and repeated the same process to the other sides.

4. Be precise with your cuts. If you have an uneven edge you can tweak it with your exacto knife once the paste dries.

5. Don’t fret about not getting the placement exact the first time. Working with wallpaper paste is great because it is repostionable. I had D assist me so we could get the alignment perfect from top to bottom. Having a buddy is handy, but not necessary.

The only nerve-wracking part for me after they were installed was wondering if the corners or edges would buckle. They haven’t at all to my surprise, but I am wondering if I should add trim or guards to protect them. Haven’t decided what route I’m going to go on that yet.

I didn’t want to take away from the paper, so I went for small hardware. I purchased these knobs at Hobby Lobby.

I also redid our wallpaper panels on each side of our bed with the leftover paper and it reminds me of De Gournay panels.

We have improved our closet organization and jewelry storage and I’ll be sharing more on that very soon…


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