Domino’s 10 Designers to Follow Now

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I know I shared this mention on social media, but when you are named one of Domino’s 10 Designers to Follow Now, it gives you a pause and all the happy emojis!

Teepee Bedroom Design:

(I love that they chose this space for their article ? )

When these features and notable accolades happen, it gives you a little more fuel in the tank to keep on keeping on! It also gives you a moment to reflect and know that all those projects aren’t going unnoticed or without merit. You have that don’t doubt it, “Yes, you are on the right path” moment!

As a longtime lover of Domino Magazine, even back before I blogged…Domino and Architectural Digest were my guilty pleasures from the very beginning!  They were my design bibles so-to-speak! They were this connection to a lovely world of design and style that I wanted to be a part of one day.

So, this mention means so much to this girl who always dreams really big. I have to thank blogging, because without this little part of the web I’ve carved out for myself, would this even happen?

Over the past couple years, I started designing for others on the side. I took odd jobs too. Styling shoots, party-planning, assisting local photographers, etc. I worked for a couple of home builders and took on a handful of clients. Those odd jobs didn’t even fit my design aesthetic, but it was experience and I was grateful for it. Then, of course, I had my slow down that if you read this blog (health stuff), you know all about.

Well, life is good again, and with this move across the country, I am preparing for growing my design biz. I’ll be in a better market to take on clients and I am so, SO excited!! I am even thinking about accepting travel offers for client work, which I have turned down in the past.

I started this year off with a bang sharing some bigger remodeling projects, being a part of the Taylor Burke Home Style It Challenge (and winning it!), and taking on future work with consideration and care.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve cultivated a personal design aesthetic and style that resonates with people. I feel very lucky in that and so grateful for every feature and show of support. In fact, this blogging journey has really helped me tap into shaping my personal design aesthetic and know what kind of design I want to work on. It’s shed light on my strengths and where I need to focus and grow. I know this will continue to grow and change, but I know what I love and have a true vision for the design biz.

Bathroom Design

I’m always humbled when someone entrusts me with their home–their personal, special place. I love the designer/client relationship and I am striving to offer a personalized touch in my future endeavors with client work. I’ll let you know when that all rolls out (of course, I’ll be yelling it from the rooftops, ha,ha!). This relocation and house-hunting, school hunting, neighborhood hunting is taking a lot of my time. I want to make sure we pick the best area for our family and needs. New England by August is the goal.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the amazingly talented designers in Domino’s must follow list! A couple of them, I already love and know. You better bet I’ll be following them all though! In fact, Jana Bek I met for the first time in an airport bathroom! How funny is that? Was it weird that we hugged in the bathroom… NAH! Designer love. I am a big fan of her aesthetic and how she’s grown her brand. Claire Brody steals my design loving heart and her projects are always great to follow. Hands down, one of the nicest girls around. This entire group of designers INSPIRE and I am humbled to be in their company. Thank you Domino for this amazing mention!

See the Domino article HERE for more on these Up & Coming Designers!


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