10 Bone Inlay Furniture Pieces You Will Want in Your Home

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Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend friends! Today’s Where to Shop post is all about a trend that I am loving for your interiors. I’m sharing 10 bone inlay furniture pieces you will want in your home and why I am all about this trend.


I have the love/hate feelings about what’s trendy. I think it’s fun to follow the trends and see what’s growing in popularity in the design world, but I don’t embrace each and every trend. Part of it stems from not wanting to jump on the bandwagon of what everyone else is doing. Part of it is I am not always into what everyone seems to be going ga-ga about. I like my interiors to stand alone, be signature to what I love about design.

That’s why when everyone said leopard was a trend…I felt that it was being seriously mislabeled. A good leopard fabric is timeless in my eyes and a neutral…not a pattern trend.  But… yes, it has seemed to be ever popular lately and for good reason. Don’t be fooled, it has staying power and I have always loved it. So, it may be trending, but it’s not a trend to me…it’s a staple.

That’s just how I am feeling about this bone inlay furniture trend too. Globally inspired furnishings are always a staple to mix up your space and bone inlay is pretty classic in my opinion. What I do love is the more modern take on it lately and that is why it is really catching my eye!


This is one trend that seems to be going more mainstream, but I absolutely love it and here’s why. The newer offerings of bone inlay furniture play really modernist. They have geometric appeal and are a good addition for any black and white interior lover like myself. Some of the new tables are sculptural and feel more like art than furniture (sound the APPLAUSE!). It’s totally up my alley. My nature is to mix traditional elements with the modern and geometric. These new bone inlay pieces totally fit my style and they will definitely add interest to any space in your home.

I’m a bit obsessed with these right now. I have a space I am working on now and that first coffee table is definitely a contender!

As I said, not every trend is something I gravitate towards, but this one has definitely piqued my interest!

I hope you all stay cool this weekend. It’s definitely quite miserable and muggy here! Which means… I am pretty much going to avoid the outdoors except for getting in and out of a car this weekend. Enjoy the weekend friends and it’s not a bad one to indulge in a popscile or ice cream cone!


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