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Hellooooooooo August!!!!! Here’s what’s on my mind chickadees…No idea why I said that!  Just go with it. I am very much a structure lover. I love lists. I love my calendar. I look forward to each new month with a heart full of delight and excitement…especially all the months at the latter end of the calendar.  Oh, yes, those fall and holiday months! It almost makes me want to dot all my “i’s” with little hearts when I think about it…almost. I’ve decided to put together a new monthly post called moodboard to express and share all the things I am excited about each new month. I didn’t say the name was that impressive!  So, obviously, this one is August Moodboard.


I must disclose before we begin…these monthly posts may involve a bit of thinking out loud and gratuitous liberties with my writing. For this, I will not apologize. If you do not like indulgent ramblings with a dose of frivolity thrown in we can’t be friends…kidding…sort of…

August is that month that always feels like the quiet before September. It softly begins as a whisper saying, “It’s all fun and games now, but you will be busy soon.” Then, by the end of August that whisper becomes a slow evil villainous cackle screeching, “Ha, ha! Told you so…buckle up buttercup and try to enjoy this crazy ride!!!”

All joking aside, it is nice to have the whole of August to reset and indulge in some summer fun a bit longer. For those who don’t know, our boys are in private school and they don’t go back until the beginning of September. So, August is like the bonus month!

Most of the schools will be back in session next week or the week after around here, so we get the little luxury of a longer summer. We are going to make it count and have some fun family plans this month. We promise not to point and laugh at school buses. (Ok, that’s so mean! We WOULD NEVER, just saying.)

We are still sleeping in a little later than our early school year wake up. I haven’t started the mandatory household reset yet. Waiting until after our vacation to go there. We’ve been enjoying our not so busy weekends with lots day tripping and outdoor adventure seeking. Life is definitely a bit more relaxed around here. I’ve even been staying up late watching reruns of Gilmore Girls…because I can right now!! Ha, so it is just making me more excited about moving out to Connecticut, even though Stars Hollow is a fictional town. In a perfect world it would exist. This totally leads me to my first thing I’m excited about this month…


Gilmore Girls is coming back!!!! Okay, so this was announced way before now, but at the end of July they announced when it will happen on Netflix. November 25th!!! November 25th!!!! As you can see November 25th is quickly becoming a very importante (olé!!) date in my home. It’s marked on the calendar and I am announcing it Gilmore Day. Step aside Black Friday…you don’t exist anymore! One of the best holiday gifts I could receive this year.

I think I need to get my other Gilmore fanatic friends together and have a viewing party. This may prove troublesome to coordinate though, because the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day we begin our family holiday decorating and all the Cadwallader kickoff Christmas things.  Okay, I will watch it immediately following our day time festivities later that night and plan a viewing party at a later date…duh…I’ll be watching that again! Lorelai and Rory!!!! I have enough time to finish out all the season reruns this month through November. Perfect!

This leads me to this somewhat amusing and ponderous rambling I am calling…

4 Life Lessons Gilmore Girls Reruns Have Taught Us

I must elaborate more on this rerun watching I’ve been doing, because it’s just too good.  One thing I am appreciating about watching all these GG reruns is the time capsule effect it has on me. A somewhat simpler time, no? If you were in highschool or college during the late 90’s and early 2000’s you will appreciate this.  It also has made think more about social media and given me reflection on how different this world is now. How in the lifespan of a popular TV show, the world we live in is vastly and forever changed.

So, ahem…

Lesson #1: It’s okay to make eye contact. It was a time when people did not suffer muscle memory issues in their thumbs when their phones were not in hand.  Rory has a beeper the first season of GG!  A beeper! “911-emergency!!!” LOL. Not everyone had a cell phone. In fact, hardly anyone did at my age back then. Beepers were more common. Dave had a beeper when we met and it was one of those clear colored ones where you could see all the insides. I thought he must be a doctor or drug dealer…I decided to take the risk and find out. Phew, glad that worked out!

This was a time where full on conversations via text wondering the tone until you see an emoji didn’t exist. The GG girls sit in a diner and actually talk and have interesting conversations and aren’t buried in their phones. Jokes and laughing emoji free. Full on eye contact. Facial expressions and hand gestures. I know, scary stuff!

Man, the head down phone thing at a restaurant still bothers me when we are out. Does that make me an old lady?  Look up and talk to the person across from you!! Leave your phone in your purse or pocket. Technology is great but my heart weeps when we go out and the tables around me are full of head down couples and families. Am I being a curmudgeon? Maybe. What else can we learn from the GG?

Lesson #2: Coffee was king and the answer to every issue you might face in life. The GG great affinity for coffee reminds me of my early 20’s and too much time spent drinking it…in a good way. Coffee nostalgia. For just a handful of change you could enjoy just coffee and company. Yes, without staring down at phones again. It was the time coffee houses were popping up in every town in America. Not that coffee will ever leave us, but it seems to not be front and center like it used to be.

But, coffee can be the answer to almost every problem in life according GG. Having a bad day? The GG girls always offer each other coffee in a time of crisis. Boy problems, being annoyed with parents, making up after a fight…Lorelai and Rory will always have coffee to comfort each other. Need to survive the work day? Watch how Lorelai guzzles down a quick cup in the kitchen of the Independence Inn while having her morning hello with BFF Sookie St. James. Coffee chugging is the answer to your AM work day woes. Want to show affection without saying it? Look how Luke lovingly will give into Lorelai pouring her 20th cup of the day even though it is against his better judgement. It’s a way to say I love you without actually having to say it.  So, bring someone you care about a cup of coffee, it could be exactly what they need.

Lesson #3: The fashion mistakes of the late 90’s early 2000’s will be made again and again. Bad jeans, crop tops, and oversized sweaters and flannels are now ever popular in 2016. The wardrobe choices on GG are tragic and amazing at the same time. Funny when I see something I actually owned on the screen. It’s followed by a cringe and a smile. This is really fun to see in the first two seasons. But, wait…it’s cycling back. The high-waisted jeans, the ribbed knits, the flannels, the chunky heeled shoes and chokers (NOOOOO! NOT CHOKERS)…my highschool clothes are now in fashion again. Some of it I can embrace with joy and other things I will never wear again. At least the deep jewel tones of green, blue, burgundy, and olive are flattering. So, embrace it and wear as the GG girls wear.

Lesson #4:  Don’t just be a virtual voyeur in life. Nobody is “in the know” until the town gossip speaks. Instead of people coming up to you telling you they already know what you are doing because they saw it on social media GG has the town gossip. The fictitious Stars Hollow has a Miss Patty to tell you everything about everyone. Between Miss Patty and Babette Dells any question about the town can be answered. No computers, tablets, or phones required! If you don’t want to listen to the town gossip, you just have to ask and again have a real conversation.

Nowadays everyone can be the town gossip and voyeur of your life because people are literally sharing EVERYTHING on their social media. We can know everything about everyone without actually talking to anyone.  It is definitely a different world to live in compared to my younger adult years. I guess, everything in moderation, right? There are always positives and negatives that come from advancements like social media. It’s all how you use it or don’t use it.  ? So, instead of reading online or your phone about someone’s life, maybe just maybe…actually plan a time to catch up in person.

Can you tell these late GG nights have been speaking to me?  I sometimes miss the simpler times. If you made it through all that, I applaud you! Always fun to reminisce! Seriously, Gilmore Girls will be back in less than 120 days!! We can all celebrate that and get excited!

Onto the really frivolous…


Beads & Tassels, Tassels & Beads!!  Do you ever get hooked on one jewelry item and you want to wear it with everything?! Well, this month it’s all about these beaded tassel earrings! They are from Katsch who I shared about yesterday

(Side note:  I don’t normally look this chic sitting in my living room. This was special shoot for a feature article so just know I am in my gym clothes after sweating at the gym while I type this. I wanted to show the scale of these earrings and this photo does that. The scale is major and they are lightweight for their size.)

I know the tassel earring has been trending, but these are my favorite pair I’ve worn. The blush, beige, gold and cream are a striking mix. They work so well with my wardrobe of neutrals, blushes, and pinks. I can wear them daytime or night and they make the outfit.

So, you could totally pop these in on a day you are rushing out the door and instantly look like you are put together…even if you have to hide behind sunglasses with your hair pulled up! I guess they just make me feel super chic and that’s why I adore them so. Every woman should indulge in a little something to make herself feel good. I’m pretty much certain I’ll be sporting these all August long.


Candice Olson for Kravet Yes, that wall covering needs to live somewhere in my house. So, it will probably have to be the china hutch or something small because it’s too expensive to install on my walls since we are moving. Kind of a bit obsessed with it. Or else, I will have to exercise patience and wait for the new house. Ugh. Patience, how I loathe thee.


I want all the boards whether they be marble, wood, or both. This is a problem my friends. Like I NEED yet another paddle board in my kitchen!!  I have 5. I couldn’t possibly use another. But, look!!! This one is black and white marble and pretty. They are so good for styling and flat lay shoots too. No kidding, I have had this in my shopping cart for a week now. I should just buy it. It’s not expensive and I love it. I never make purchases lightly. Can you tell? You should see me shopping for clothes. It’s even worse. Especially now, since I’m trying to stick to this whole minimalist wardrobe mix all the pieces to make several outfits thing. This first week of August is trying my will power.

  ♦  ♦  ♦

So, that’s my first “mood” board post. Like I said, this will only be a monthly ranting of things I’m thinking about or excited about from any topic that is dominating my headspace. I’m going to try to keep these pretty light because, this blog is my happy space. The more serious important topics, I’ll try to restrain myself from sharing about here.


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