Apple Pie Baking Essentials

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The apple orchard just opened for picking season here and it has me thinking about all things apple! Particularly, things I can bake with apples! Today, I’m sharing some apple pie baking essentials I spotted over the weekend that will not only make your baking day fun but pleasing to the eye as well!

Every September, one of our family fall traditions is to head out to the apple orchard for a day of fun. It’s great for taking pictures of the kids too. Some of my favorite candids of the kids have come from our annual trips to the orchard. I usually wait until the perfect crisp fall day arrives. A bit cool where you have to layer up a little. The temperatures are starting to dip here and I’m eagerly awaiting our apple orchard trip.

Another tradition we have is apple pie day. The boys help me whip up apple pies and we spend the day in the kitchen baking away. The coveted job is always using the Apple Master. Do you have one? Oh my gosh…it is the best. Cores and peels the apples and it really is fun for the kids to operate. Well, grown-ups too. Wielding the Apple Master power even attracts D to help out a bit with apple pie day. I found a great apple corer and peeler here and I love that it works atop the counter.

Finishing our kitchen last year makes me want to become a culinary goddess…or at least look the part, ha, ha!  I’m looking to get fancy with the crusts this year and come up with some original apple recipes that aren’t just all about pie. If I come up with something good, I’ll be sure to share the love.

I hope we get to go apple picking soon because I’m itching to experiment in the kitchen a bit.

Here’s some apple pie baking essentials I rounded up over the weekend to help you on your way to making some family memories in the kitchen too:

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Have a wonderful Monday! I’ll be back Wednesday sharing our first Fall Home Tour. I love this time of the year!


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